How do I know you are a reputable shop ?

One way to check our reputation is by looking at some reliable third party ratings. You can check our Paypal "Seller Reputation" as you go through their payment process.

How to order if you don't have a Paypal account ?

You could still use your credit card or bank account to order online without a Paypal account. Your payment is still protected by Paypal and your credit card or your bank company.

Is it secure enough to order online here ?

All kinds of your order payment are processed by the latest Secure online shopping technology regardless if you use a paypal account or credit card or bank account payment. So it's 100% safe and secure to order online here.

How to contact with us for any question ?

Please send email to teaglecool@yahoo.com or call Tel: 1-650-595-8407.

Where is your order and delivery status after made the payment ?

We don't send any additional confirmation email to you after you made the order. You shall receive an order confirmation email from Paypal and you shall keep it for at least half year. We shall process your order within couple days. Please check our shipping policy.

If battery has the higher capacity than the orignial, is there any problem ?

No, no any problem at all. The higher capacity battery can last longer before being charged again. So the higher capacity the battery, the more expensive the battery.

These batteries and chargers are cheap. Are they refurbished ?

No they are not. These are brand new from the factory.

Shall I keep the paypal order payment confirmation email ?

Yes, please always keep your paypal order payment confirmation email as reference.

I paid already, when will you ship ?

After your payment is received, we will ship in 1 to 2 business days. You will receive an email from us when we ship.

I have not received any email from you

Make sure you don't filter out email from us. Sometimes our notification email gets filtered out as spam. Sometimes email servers send us a link to "confirm our identity". We can not click on these links. So make sure you are not filtering email from us.

Can we use purchase orders ?

At this time we can't process purchase orders. Please use money order to buy. For details click on the "Payments" link above.

Do you ship to international locations ?

We only ship to US and Canada. We do not ship to other countries. Click on the Shipping link above for details.