eaglecool.com choose the Paypal Company for Secure Payments.

  • You get PayPal's buyer's protection policy for free. PayPal is a large company so your credit card and bank accout information is only kept with them if you order online directly
  • eaglecool.com accepts the payment by all major credit cards and bank accounts via PayPal. You don't need to have a paypal account, you could still pay by your credit cards or bank account.
  • eaglecool.com can process several types of order payment:
    • Order online by your Paypal account
    • Order online by your credit cards or bank account through Paypal. Please note that not all credits are accepted by Paypal. If your credit card couldn't go through, please try open a Paypal Account or simply send Money Order payment
    • Order by phone, please call Tel: 1-650-595-8407
    • Order by email, please send email to teaglecool@yahoo.com
    • Order by mail with the >Money Order

  • Pay by through the Paypal account: allow you to have different shipping address from your billing address. However, if your order payment is over $100, we request you use the confirmed Paypal account in which your shipping address must be as the same as the billing address
  • Pay by credit cards through Paypal: You could pay by your credit card or bank account without creating a Paypal account or without using an existing Paypal account. Your payment is processed through Paypal company. Your shipping address must be the same as your billing address
  • Order by Phone: We help you order on phone. Your shipping address must be the same as your billing address.
  • Order by email: your shipping address must be the same as your billing address, you must send email to teaglecool@yahoo.com with your order information such as your billing address, order item, phone #, etc.
  • How to pay by a credit card or bank account without a paypal account ?

    After added the item to the shop cart, you will see the paypal checkout page, please move down the page and click "Continue" link under "Don't have a PayPal Account" window. You then will be asked to provide billing/shipping address, credit card and bank information.

  • If your order is over $100, you must have a confirmed Paypal address.
  • How to send fund to make purchase ?

    You could also order the item or add fee through your paypal account "send fund" menu. After login your paypal account, please click "send fund" menu, and enter teaglecool@yahoo.com as receipt and the fund amount to transform. Please leave a note for the purpose.

  • How to make money order payment ?

    You can also choose to pay by Money order (90 cents at Post Office) or Casher's Check from the bank. The total price is $1.00 OFF. Please make payment to "eaglecool.com". Please send the item # ordered, payment (cost + Shipping & handling - $1.00), your email address and your shipping address to:

    PMB #602
    274 Redwood Shores Parkway
    Redwood City, CA 94065-1173

  • We accept orders from US and Canada for now. We will open to other area in the world soon.