NEW XBOX Thomson model TGM600 DVD Drive! EASY PLUG&PLAY (Note, For Non-Xbox360 Game Console Only.)


Price: $95.00 $79.99


This is a brand new genuine Thomson TGM600 DVD Drive for the Microsoft XBOX. This drive will work with any version of the XBOX (Note, This is for non-Xbox360 game console only. ie. Xbox360 will NOT fit this drive.). The advantage of purchasing the complete drive is that installation is as simple as plug and play. A 30-day warranty is offered to protect our buyers from defects.

Common syndromes when dvd-drive needs to be changed: Disc read error for a new game. Longer disc loading time than usual. Can't read certain games. Screen freezes/skips when playing unscratched movies.

Why pay more for a Samsung or Philips drive, when the Thomson drive reads media like the DVD-R or DVD+R better? Especially when the Thomson drive is only half or even 1/3 the price of a Samsung/Philips drive!

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